During the regular testing of our team, several players and staff tested positive for COVID-19. The first cases were discovered during the focus in Turkey. “We couldn’t avoid the infection even though we consistently followed all the regulations. Four footballers and a member of the medical staff had to remain in quarantine in Belek, but in the meantime they had already returned home. This fact also affected our preparation. ” - explained the DAC head coach, Joao Janeiro.

All players and the entire staff are fully vaccinated, many of whom have already taken the third dose.

“We are aware of the infectivity of the omicron variant and also that our region is probably the most infected area in the whole of Slovakia at the moment, so we have introduced even stricter rules in the club that go far beyond the regulations of the League of League Clubs and local bodies. We have been testing the team continuously since the start of the preparation, we performed the antigen test every second to third day in Turkey, and the players also passed the PCR test before the matches. Since our return home, we have continued antigen testing before each workout. Thanks to this responsible attitude, we have also filtered out new cases, thanks to which we have been able to curb the even greater spread of the disease within the framework. COVID-19, on the other hand, has affected almost half of the band in the last roughly two weeks. ” - added the DAC Sports Director, Jan Van Daele, then stressed: "Despite the above, we are confident that we will be prepared for Sunday's championship start."

The safety of players, coaches and club staff remains a priority, so the traditional pre-season press conference will also be postponed until Tuesday next week.