Is this website the official website of FC DAC 1904?

No. This is a fan website created by a fan. All content here is the sole property of FC DAC 1904.

What was the most memorable match in the history of the club so far?

This is a subjective thing, but perhaps for most people, the TJ DAC - Bayern Munich match on November 9, 1988.

In what languages do fans tend to encourage the team?

The headquarters of the team is Dunaszerdahely, which is mostly Hungarian-inhabited, so the cheering / encouragement is in Hungarian.

What was the team’s most prestigious placement in the league so far?

The team's 2nd place in 2020/2021 is the most outstanding so far.

Who is the most valuable player on the team right now?

Our current most valuable player is Zsolt Kalmár, with his € 990,000.

How many players are currently strengthening the team?

The current team frame counts 30 players.

What league is the team currently playing in?

The team is playing in the Slovak 1st division football league, so in the Fortuna League.

What is the current total value of the team?

The team is worth around € 11 million.

Does the team have its own stadium?

One of the largest and best-known stadiums in Slovakia, MOL Arena, is owned by the team in Dunajská Streda.

How many seats does MOL Arena have?

The exact capacity of MOL Arena is 12,700 people.